Concerned TSHA Members

This petition and website are the product of a meeting of thirty eight TSHA members that took place in mid-May 2023.  Concerned that Bryan’s lawsuit risks doing enormous damage to the organization and the study and teaching of Texas history, we came up with this statement after extensive discussion.  We are not acting on behalf of the TSHA Board or President Nancy Baker Jones, or at their behest.  For questions, please contact

A Petition to Desist

We the undersigned, including members of the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA), call on J. P. Bryan, the Interim Executive Director of the TSHA, to desist in his legal action against Dr. Nancy Baker Jones, the President of the Association, and his attacks on the Association and the Board.

We are concerned that the Interim Executive Director disregards established procedures as well as good faith efforts of the Association to address his perceived concern that the recent election of Mary Jo O’Rear to the Board of Directors has upset the representational balance between academic and lay historians. Bryan’s public comments to the media suggest that the election of O’Rear is not the major motivation for the lawsuit; he actually seeks to politicize the issue by casting it in the larger national polarizing discourse over progressive and conservative thought. Bryan reportedly stated to the Galveston Daily News that, “How this whole thing goes will determine the future of the way the history of Texas is written — that’s what it’s all about” (“Lawsuit Seeks Board Among Tellers of History,” May 5, 2023).

Bryan continues with divisive and racialized language, “The preferred narrative is one that demeans the Anglo efforts in settling the western part of the United States for the purpose of spreading freedoms for all.” It is also disturbing that he does not only call for the dislodging O’Rear from the board, but the creation of a new board, and his spurious lawsuit names Baker Jones as an individual defendant.

How can the TSHA function if an officer with unlimited personal financial resources uses  the legal system against those far less wealthy to seat his preferred board candidates and foster his understandings of history, and publicly vilify other TSHA officers and board members?

Bryan creates a false dichotomy by suggesting that professional historians regularly put aside their professional standards and substantial record of exceptional scholarship on Texas history for progressive gains, while lay historians typically defend the conservative view of Texas history with unadulterated truths.

The truth is that the Association has long maintained good internal relations, excellent scholarship, and popular public history programming. Moreover, our professional and lay historians, especially the former, have made substantial scholarly contributions, and both are deeply valued and supported. Our historians have also made significant in-kind contributions that match or exceed the donations by well-endowed persons like Bryan who feel entitled to practically claim ownership over both the Association and Texas history. In contrast to Bryan’s moneyed claims, historians do not flaunt their financial and scholarly contributions.

As an organization made up mostly of historians adhering to high professional standards, the TSHA has encouraged and celebrated differences in how we study Texas history. Aside from providing our academic and lay historians with venues for the presentation of their research, the Association welcomes and entertains differences in approach, emphasis, and interpretation in their proper professional settings—in our peer-reviewed articles in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, in our annual scholarly conferences, in our Almanac, our Handbook of Texas, and in public events like History Day and the San Jacinto Symposium. The Association’s sensible practice of diversity and inclusion in the makeup of its membership and subject matter, especially since the 1970s, speaks for itself.

Bryan should use the Association’s appeal process to resolve questions regarding the Board’s composition, and withdraw his suit against Baker Jones and restraining order against the Board. To continue on the irresponsible path of debating an internal administrative issue in combative legal and political terms undermines our good internal relations, diminishes the public trust that we have earned, and imperils the TSHA.

Meanwhile, we should refrain from invoking fear and mistrust and draw inspiration from President Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address calling for unity in the face of imposed divisions:“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

In calling for effective unity, we should focus on the TSHA’s mission to “foster the appreciation, understanding, and teaching of the rich and unique history of Texas and, by example and through programs and activities, encourage and promote research, preservation, and publication of historical material affecting the state of Texas.” This does not mean, however, that we forego our tradition of offering the profession of history and the public the vigorous study of history for the purpose of building consensus out of the necessary differences in the study of the past.  We affirm our longtime practice of offering historians opportunities to consider and debate different substantive interpretations in a sensible, respectful and professional manner.

  1.  Emilio Zamora, George Littlefield Professor of American History, University of Texas at Austin, TSHA President 2019-2020.  Board Member, TSHA Lifetime Fellow, Co-Editor of the Tejano Handbook, Lead Editor of a TSHA book publication, Judge for History Day, author of Handbook and Quarterly articles, Sponsor of Annual Meeting Panel, Member of Various Committees (e.g., Program Committee, Archives Committee, Chair of Executive Director Search Committee) and Book Award Winner.
  2. Patrick Cox, Independent Scholar.  TSHA Past President, 2021-2022, Board of Directors, Lifetime Fellow, Author and Reviewer of Quarterly articles, Retired Associate Director, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, Distinguished Alumni – Texas State University
  3. Lynn Denton, Retired Professor and Director, Center for Public History, Texas State University.  Past President, 2015-16; Nominating, Executive, Finance, Governance, Legislative, Membership, Development, Texas State Historian, Scholarship committees; Judge History Day.
  4. Merlene Pitre.  Professor Emeritus of History, Texas Southern University.  TSHA President 2011-1012; TSHA Fellow 2009; Liz Carpenter Award, 2008, 2013; Editor of the African American Handbook of Texas.
  5. Walter Buenger, Chief Historian of the TSHA.  TSHA President 2009-10, editor of Southwestern Historical Quarterly, author of numerous Quarterly articles dating to 1979. Honorary Life Board member since 2013.
  6. Robert Wooster, Regents Professor, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (retired). TSHA President, 2005-2006; Life Member.
  7. Jerry Thompson, Professor, Texas A & M University International. TSHA President 2001-2.
  8. Alwyn Barr, Professor Emeritus of History, Texas Tech University.  President of TSHA 1992-93; Fellow of TSHA 1972; Editorial Board for the Quarterly, 1974-1980; Chair of Program Committee 1977, 1989; Chair of Fellows Committee 1986-87; Chair of Centennial Committee 1991-96.
  9. Nancy Baker Jones, President, Ruthe Winegarten Foundation for Texas Women’s History.  Temple Fellow in Women’s History; Director of Research, Handbook revision project; Book Review Editor for Quarterly; co-winner, Liz Carpenter Award; co-editor, Women & Texas History: Selected Essays; winner, Randolph Campbell Award; author, three Quarterly articles; Speaker, Women In Texas History Luncheon; Fellow; Board member, officer, and President of the TSHA.
  10. Ellen Temple, TSHA member.  Established and then endowed the Liz Carpenter Award for Best Book on Texas Women’s History.
  11. Kent Calder, Editorial Director, University of Oklahoma Press (retired).  TSHA Director of Publications 2003-6, Executive Director 2008-14.
  12. Ricardo Romo, Member UT Department of History, 1980-1999 and former President of University of Texas at San Antonio.  Board Member 2022 to the present, Treasurer.
  13. Bernadette Pruitt, Associate Professor of History, Sam Houston State University. Current Member, Board of Directors and Membership Committee. Past cochair of Women’s History Luncheon Committee, past member of Program Committee, chair and panelist at TSHA meetings since 2000, author of multiple Handbook entries and Quarterly book reviews; winner, Fred White Jr. Research Fellowship in Texas History, 2010; winner, Mary M. Hughes Research Fellowship in Texas History, 2004.
  14. Dolph Briscoe IV, Lecturer of History, Texas A & M San Antonio.  TSHA Member, Annual Meeting Program Committee, 2022, Board of Directors, 2022-present.
  15. Mary Jo O’Rear, Independent Scholar.  Currently member of TSHA Board of Directors, served on H Bailey Carroll committee three times, local arrangements twice, Liza Carpenter Award committee, Transitions Task Force, Program committee.
  16. Benjamin H. Johnson, Professor, Loyola University Chicago. TSHA Board Member 2010-13, peer review and book review author for the Quarterly.
  17. Rebecca Sharpless, Professor, Texas Christian University; Executive Council Member, Program Chair 2021.
  18. Eddie Weller, Professor, San Jacinto College.  Board of Directors member, 2007-2013; Secretary to the Board, 2013-2014; Education Committee 2005-present (chair 2007-2014); Editorial Board of Touchstone since 2003; Mary Jon and J. P. Bryan Leadership in Education Award winner, 2003.
  19. Sean Cunningham, Professor and Chair, Department of History, Texas Tech University.  Board of Directors, 2017-23; Secretary, Executive Committee, 2019-22; Handbook Advisory Committee; Chair, Fellowship Awards Committee; member, Program Committee (2015-2020).
  20. Stephanie Cole, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Arlington.  Board of Directors (2017- present), Program Chair for 2019, and 2020, Women’s History Speaker Committee (multiple years).
  21. Carlos Blanton, Professor and Head of Department of History, Texas A & M University. Fellow of the TSHA and Past Board Member.
  22. Alan Tully, Professor and Interim Chair, Department of History, University of Texas at Austin.  Past board member.
  23. Carolina Crimm, Professor of History, Sam Houston State University.  Past Board Member, Various Committees including Membership, worked as Judge, read competition papers.
  24. George T. Díaz, Associate Professor of History, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley.  Board Member 2021-2024, Program Committee 2023.
  25. Sonia Hernandez, Associate Professor of History, Texas A & M University. Committee member, B Carroll Article Award 2020-2021; 2021-2022; Committee member, Program Committee 2017; Editorial Board, SHQ, 2021-2024; Board member, 2022-2025.
  26. Jessica Brannon-Wranosky, Distinguished Professor of Digital Humanities and History, Professor of History, Texas A&M University-Commerce. Board of Directors (2013-2021), Founding and Current Project Director Handbook of Texas Women, Current Chair of the Handbook of Texas Committee, Current Member of the Governance Committee, Former TSHA Bylaws Chair and/or Co-Chair, Former Chair of the Liz Carpenter Award Committee, Former Chair of Women’s History Lunch Committee, and Former Member of the Education, Resolutions and various other committees.
  27. Scott Sosebee, Professor, Stephen F. Austin State University, Executive Director of East Texas Historical Association, TSHA member, author of multiple Quarterly book reviews and Handbook entries.
  28. Annette Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin.  TSHA member.
  29. Roger Rainey, Vice Chairman Lavaca County Historical Commission, Former Teacher U.S. History Yoakum ISD Junior High & High School 1988 – 2008.
  30. Michael Botson, Independent Scholar.  Presented numerous papers and chaired panels over the last thirty years at TSHA meetings. Chaired 2003 TSHA Membership Committee. Recipient of the TSHA’s Mary Hughes Research Fellowship, 2010.
  31. Gary Pinkerton, author and independent Researcher, board member of East Texas Historical Association. Author of multiple Handbook entries, book reviewer for Quarterly.
  32. María Esther Hammack, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania.  Former TSHA Intern, 2022 Program Committee Member, Handbook author.
  33. Light Cummins, Guy M. Bryan Professor Emeritus, Austin College.  TSHA member since high school; TSHA Lifetime Fellow; State Historian of Texas, 2009-2012.
  34. Andrés Tijerina, retired.  TSHA Fellow; TSHA book author; Book Prizes from national, state, and TSHA; TSHA Tejano Handbook co-author; Quarterly articles and book reviews; Chair & Member of numerous TSHA committees and Annual Meeting Sessions since 1975.
  35. John Willingham, Independent Author, TSHA member.  Handbook contributor, Quarterly author.
  36. Leah LaGrone, Assistant Professor, Weber State. TSHA member.
  37. Monica Martinez, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin. TSHA member, 2023 Program Committee member.
  38. Jeffrey Littlejohn, Professor of History, Sam Houston State Univeristy.  Program Committee (2023); Membership Committee Chair (2021-2023); H. Bailey Carroll Award Committee (2020-2022); Recipient, H. Bailey Carroll Award (2019); Recipient, Special Award for Research and Writing on Texas in World War I (2018).
  39. Catharine Franklin, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University.  Editorial Board for the Quarterly, 2021-present; H. Bailey Carroll Prize recipient, 2015.
  40. Kyle Ainsworth, Special Collections Librarian, Stephen F. Austin University. TSHA member, Archives Committee, 2022-present.
  41. Elizabeth Duncan, lay person.  Lifetime TSHA member, conference presenter.
  42. Victoria Cummins, Professor, Austin College (retired). Quarterly author and peer reviewer, conference presenter; Chair, Ron Tyler Award Committee 2022.
  43. Brian Behnken, Professor, Iowa State University. TSHA member, author of numerous Quarterly articles and book and peer reviews.
  44. Keith Volanto, Professor of History, Collin College.  TSHA member, author of multiple Quarterly book and peer reviews.
  45. Cecilia Gutierrez Venable, Director of Archives, Sisters of the Holy Spirit.  Handbook of Texas Women board member, program committee.
  46. Karl Jacoby, Allen Nevins Professor of American History, Columbia University, TSHA member.
  47. Walter Kamphoefner, Professor of History, Texas A&M University; Past President, Society for German American Studies. TSHA member.
  48. Kay Reed Arnold.  Membership Committee Chair, Development Committee member, Marketing Committee member, Handbook of Texas Women Executive Advisory Committee, Liz Carpenter Award Committee, Ellen Clarke Temple Award Committee (through Ruthe Winegarten Foundation,) presenter, panelist, session chair.
  49. Cynthia Brandimarte, TSHA member.  Publication Award Committees, Program Committee, Fellows Committee.
  50. Nancy E. Baker, Associate Professor of History, Sam Houston State University.  Handbook of Texas Women Executive Advisory Committee; 2018 Program Committee member; book review editor for the Quarterly, Oct. 2022-present.
  51. Deborah Liles, Associate Professor and W.K. Gordon Endowed Chair of Texas History, Tarleton State University. Committee member or chair of Carroll Award, Nominating Committee, Liz Carpenter Award, Caldwell Committee, Program Committee, and Local Arrangements, two terms on Quarterly Editorial Board, frequent presenter or panel chair, former intern for Texas Quiz Show and Texas History Day.
  52. John McKiernan González, Jerome and Catherine Supple Professor of Southwestern Studies and Director of the Center for the Study of the Southwest at Texas State University. Program Chair, 2023 Annual TSHA Conference, past Program Committee member, TSHA 2022, multiple times presenting.
  53. William Bush, Professor of History, Texas A & M University-San Antonio.  Presenter and panelist; awardee of the TSHA Texas State Library and Archives research fellowship, 2018-19.
  54. Timothy Bowman, Professor of History and Department Head, West Texas A & M University.  Program committee member (twice), publications committee (current)
  55. Brian DeLay, Preston Hotchkis Chair in the History of the United States, University of California at Berkeley.  TSHA member.
  56. Katherine Bynum, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University. Presenter and chair of panels, member of the program committee (2022), peer reviewer and book reviewer for the Quarterly, winner of the Mary M. Hughes Research Fellowship (2018).
  57. Omar Valerio-Jiménez, Professor of History, University of Texas at San Antonio.  Author of articles and book reviews in the Quarterly, member of book award committee, conference panelist.
  58. Cynthia J. Beeman, Ruthe Winegarten Foundation for Texas Women’s History.  TSHA member, Past program Committee; presenter; session chair
  59. Raúl Ramos, Associate Professor of History, University of Houston.  Handbook Committee, 2017 to Present; Hernandez Fellowship Committee, 2016-2018; multiple presentations since 1991
  60. Mary Lenn Dixon, Editor, Texas & M University Press (retired).  Long-time member and publisher of many TSHA authors.
  61. James Crisp, Professor of History Emeritus, North Carolina State University.  TSHA member, TSHA Fellow, Winner of the H. Bailey Carroll Award, Moderator for the past two decades at the San Jacinto Symposium, frequent speaker in the past at TSHA annual meetings, former member of the Program Committee for the annual meeting.
  62. Chelsea Stallings, PhD Candidate, Texas Christian University.  Multiple times conference presenter.
  63. James C. Kearney, PhD, Assistant Professor of Instruction, University of Texas at Austin. Longstanding TSHA member and frequent presenter. H. Bailey Carroll Award (2020)
  64. Mari Nicholson-Preuss, Director of Honors College, Lone Star College.  TSHA member, service on Education Committee.
  65. Joseph Michael Phillips, Clements Center for Southwest Studies Senior Fellow.  TSHA member, panelist.
  66. Jennifer Seman, Lecturer in History, Metropolitan State University.  TSHA member, frequent conference panelist.
  67. John Lundburg, Professor of History, Tarrant County College.  TSHA member, served on Education Committee 2019-21.
  68. Thomas Baker, TSHA Fellow, service on multiple program committees.
  69. Trinidad Gonzales, Professor, South Texas College.  Author of Quarterly book reviews, multiple session presentations.
  70. Jeffrey Shepherd, Professor and Chair, Department of History, The University of Texas at El Paso.  Program Committee member twice, Local Arrangements Committee member.
  71. Whitney Stewart, Assistant Professor of History, University of Texas at Dallas.  TSHA member, 2019 TSHA Cecilia Steinfeldt Fellowship for Research in the Arts and Material Culture.
  72. Julie Pycior, Professor of History, Manhattan College.  Author of six Handbook entries, multiple times conference presenter, Quarterly book review author.
  73. Sam Haynes, Professor of History and Director, Center for Greater Southwestern Studies, University of Texas at Arlington. TSHA Fellow, winner of Tullis Memorial Prize, winner of Kate Broocks Bates Award, currently serving on Quarterly and Publications committees.
  74. Judith Linsley, Director, Center for History and Culture of Southeast Texas and the Upper Gulf Coast, Lamar University.  TSHA member.
  75. Albert Broussard, Professor, Texas A & M University.  TSHA member, served twice on program committee.
  76. Linda English, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley.  TSHA member, Program Committee Member (2015), book reviewer for Quarterly.
  77. Amy Hay, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley.  TSHA member, 2023 Program Committee member.
  78. Sandra Enríquez, Assistant Professor of History, University of Missouri – Kansas City. Book reviewer for the SHQ. Past awardee of the Catarino and Evangelina Hernández Research Fellowship and the John H. Jenkins Research Fellowship (2018).
  79. Harold J. Weiss, Jr.  Professor, Jamestown Community College, NY (retired).  Lifetime member, Quarterly author, and presenter.
  80. Teresa Acosta.  Research Associate for handbook; TSHA Staff Member for Texas History Day and the Junior Historians; Advisory Committee Member and Volunteer Writer for The Handbook of Texas Music, Volumes 1 and 2; Winner Liz Carpenter Award, 2022.
  81. Kyle Wilkison.  TSHA member, Program Committee (2012, 2019 and 2020), Bates Award Committee (2013, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023), Quarterly manuscript and book reviews.
  82. Tom Alter, Assistant Professor of History, Texas State University. TSHA member. Recipient of the Mary Hughes Research Fellowship, 2011. Quarterly review author.
  83. Samantha Rodriguez, Professor of History, Houston Community College.  2022 TSHA Program Committee Member, panelist multiple times, Quarterly book reviewer.
  84. María Cotera, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin.  TSHA member.
  85. María Cristina García, Professor of History, Cornell University.  Former Handbook graduate student researcher.
  86. Thomas Cohen, Associate Professor, The Catholic University of America.  TSHA member, conference presenter and commentator.
  87. David Fisher, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley.  TSHA member.
  88. Elliott Young, Professor of History, Lewis and Clark College.  Quarterly article and book reviews.
  89. John Slate, Dallas Municipal Archive. Past presenter and moderator, Handbook contributor, ardent TSHA booster.
  90. Brandice Nelson, Development Manager of Texan by Nature, TSHA member.
  91. Brenda Matthews, A.M. Pate Chair and Professor of History, Texas Wesleyan University, TSHA member.
  92. Jensen Branscombe, Associate Professor, Tarleton State University.  TSHA member.
  93. Katherine Walters, former TSHA staff.
  94. David Chrisman, Professor and Department Chair, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. TSHA member.
  95. Cristina Salinas, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington.  TSHA member.
  96. Ellen Rienstra, member of TSHA and East Texas Historical Association.
  97. Kairn Klieman, Associate Professor, University of Houston. TSHA member, panelist.
  98. Patricia Gower, Professor of History (retired), University of the Incarnate Word.  TSHA member.
  99. Eric Schlereth, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Dallas.  Conference presenter and Quarterly book review author.
  100. David Rex Galindo, Assistant Professor, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile. 2011 John H. Jenkins Research Fellowship in Texas History.
  101. Joaquín Rivaya-Martínez, Associate Professor of History, Texas State University. Served on Local Arrangements Committee (2018), Program Committee (for 2024), multiple conference presentations. 
  102. Jermaine Thibodeaux, Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma, TSHA member.
  103. Holly Karibo, Associate Professor of History, Oklahoma State University.  Recipient of the 2023 John H. Jenkins Research Fellowship in Texas History.
  104. Yolanda Chávez Leyva, Associate Professor of History, University of Texas at El Paso.
  105. Rebekah Crowe, Associate Professor of History, Wayland Baptist University, TSHA member.
  106. Jason Mellard, Assistant Professor and Director, Center for Texas Music History, Texas State University.  TSHA member.
  107. Jordan Coleman, Stephen F. Austin University, TSHA member.
  108. Susan Stanfield, Assistant Professor of History, University of Texas at El Paso.  TSHA member.
  109. Janet Schmeltzer, TSHA member.
  110. Mary Larson, Professor of Library Services and Associate Dean, Oklahoma State University.
  111. Aaron Dilday, Assistant Professor of History, Palo Alto College. TSHA member.
  112. Karla Lira, PhD Candidate, University of Houston, TSHA member.
  113. Dina Lopez, Texas Tech University, TSHA member. 
  114. Laura Hernandez Ehrisman, Lecturer, University of Texas at Austin. Conference panelist.
  115. Jodi Campbell, Associate Professor of History, Texas Christian University.
  116. Susan Edwards, Professor of History, Lone Star College.
  117. Gene Morales, Assistant Professor, El Paso Community College – Mission del Paso, TSHA member.
  118. Matthew Babcock, Associate Professor UNT Dallas, TSHA member.
  119. Michael Segura, Academic Advisor, University of Texas at San Antonio.  TSHA member.
  120. Kenneth Stevens, Professor Emeritus, Texas Christian University, TSHA member.
  121. Tim Seiter, PhD Candidate, Southern Methodist University, TSHA member.
  122. Jimmy Bryan, Associate Professor of History, Lamar University.  TSHA member.
  123. Andrew Graybill, Professor of History, TSHA member.  
  124. Jamie Starling, Associate Professor of History, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley.  TSHA member.
  125. Kristy Sorensen, Associate Director of the Library and Head of Archives and Records Management, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminar.  TSHA member.
  126. Sandra Harvey, Lone Star College-Cy Fair. TSHA member.
  127. Brian Edward Stone, Professor of History, Del Mar College.  Multiple times panelist, handbook author.
  128. Richard Orton, TSHA member.
  129. D.G. Montalvo, TSHA member.
  130. Michael Stevenson, TSHA member.
  131. George Cooper, Lone Star College, TSHA member.
  132. Jennifer Kristufek, University of Texas Permian Basin, TSHA member.
  133. Lauren Gutterman, Associate Professor of American Studies, University of Texas at Austin. Conference panelist.
  134. Judy Botson, Tomball Regional Medical Center.  TSHA member.
  135. John Haas, Professor of History, Cerritos College.  TSHA member.
  136. Jessica Webb, Independent Scholar, multiple conference presentations.
  137. Christopher Davis, South Texas College, twice a conference panelist.
  138. Aaron Sánchez, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas.  Past conference panelist.
  139. Miguel Levario, Associate Professor of History, Texas Tech University. TSHA member.
  140. Jose Maria Herrera, Assistant Professor of Instruction, UTEP College of Education.  TSHA member.
  141. Ann Hodges, retired archivist and librarian. Lapsed TSHA member. Chaired several annual meeting sessions and presented at others.
  142. James Seymour, Professor of History, Honors College Faculty Member, Lone Star College-Cy Fair.  Past conference presenter.
  143. Tiffany González.  TSHA member.
  144. Curtis Nugent, TSHA member.
  145. Mary Standfier.  TSHA staff, 1973-1994.
  146. Dick J. Reavis.  Quarterly author.
  147. Serene Barbieri Wilhite, PhD Candidate, Rice University and Board Member, East Texas Historical Association.  TSHA member.
  148. Frances Rickard.  TSHA member, conference presenter and session chair.
  149. Natalie J. Ring, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Dallas.  TSHA conference commentator and Quarterly review author.
  150. Juan Carmona, Instructor, South Texas College, TSHA member.
  151. Lilia Raquel Rosas, Assistant Professor of Instruction, University of Texas at Austin.  TSHA member.
  152. Brent Campney, Professor of History, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. TSHA member.
  153. Kristina Downs, Assistant Professor, Tarleton State University.  TSHA member.
  154. Bobby Oliver, PhD Candidate, Texas Christian University.  TSHA member.
  155. Felipe Hinojosa, Professor, Texas A & M University at College Station.  TSHA member.
  156. Jason Pierce, Professor and Department Chair, Angelo State University.  TSHA member.
  157. Patrick Troester, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.  TSHA member.
  158. Brian Franklin, Associate Director, Center for Presidential History, Southern Methodist University.  TSHA member.
  159. Gabrielle Lyle, PhD Candidate, Texas A&M University.  TSHA member.
  160. Ty Cashion, Professor of History, Sam Houston State University.  TSHA fellow.
  161. Christopher Hickman, Associate Professor, Tarleton State University.  Conference presenter.
  162. Betty Oglesbee.  TSHA member.
  163. Christopher Phillips, John and Dorothy Hermanies Professor of American History, University of Cincinnati.  TSHA member, Fellow, Texas State Library and Archives.History
  164. Sandra Enríquez, Assistant Professor of History, University of Missouri at Kansas City.  TSHA member, reviewer for the Quarterly, recipient of the Catarino and Evangelina Hernández Research Fellowship and the John H. Jenkins Research Fellowship (2018)
  165. Uzma Quraishi, Associate Professor, Sam Houston State University.  Program Committee (2022; 2023), presenter, luncheon speaker, TSHA Task Force on Academic Freedom.
  166. Dan Utley, Texas State University (retired).  TSHA Fellow; Lowman Award Committee chair
  167. Kristin Coen, Adjunct Faculty, Lone Star College, TSHA member.
  168. Charlotte Canning, Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Centennial Professor in Drama, University of Texas at Austin.
  169. Mark Odintz, former staffer, Handbook editor and author.
  170. Lisa Berry.  Conference presenter.
  171. Brendan Payne, Assistant Professor of History, North Greenville University.  Conference and event panelist.
  172. Carolyn Spears, Director, Stone Fort Museum.  TSHA member.
  173. R.N.Nelson, TSHA member.
  174. Melissa Smith, TSHA member.
  175. Nicholas Cox, Professor, Houston Community College.  TSHA member.
  176. Bernadette Hernandez, Stephen F. Austin State University.  TSHA member.
  177. Joseph Pellerin, Adjunct Professors, San Jacinto College.
  178. Jennifer Urban-Flores, Online Teaching and Learning Librarian, University of Texas at El Paso.
  179. Jesse Esparza, Assistant Professor, TSU.
  180. Jeff Edwards, Lone Star College.
  181. Ben Wright, Associate Professor of History, University of Texas at Dallas.
  182. Daniel Herman, Professor of History, Central Washington University.
  183. Carolina Monsivais, History Instructor, South Texas College.
  184. Joe Locke, Associate Professor of History, University of Houston-Victoria.
  185. Catherine Murtagh, Texas Christian University.
  186. Erica Marin, El Paso Museum of History.
  187. Linda Pritchard, Professor of History, Eastern Michigan University.
  188. Maddalena Marinari, Gustavus Adolphus College.
  189. Virginia Garrard, Professor Emerita of History, University of Texas at Austin.
  190. Michael Innis-Jimenez, Associate Professor of History, University of Alabama.
  191. Michael Mears, Archivist, University of North Texas (retired).
  192. Robert Reitz, Independent Scholar, past presenter.
  193. Dawn Shedden, History Instructor, Eckerd College.
  194. Edward Avila, Trinity Law School.
  195. Christopher Smith, Texas Tech University Vernacular Music Center.
  196. Martin Kohout, Associate Editor.
  197. Gretchen Adams, Associate Professor of History, Texas Tech University.
  198. Francesca Morgan, Professor of History, Northeastern Illinois University.
  199. Scott Williams, Associate Professor of German Studies, Texas Christian University.
  200. Robert Buzzanco, Professor of History, University of Houston.
  201. Clayton Lust, Instructor in History, Lone Star College-Montgomery.
  202. Jerry Hopkins, Professor of History, East Texas Baptist University (retired).
  203. Claire M Massey, Professor of History, Rostock University.
  204. Tracie Grube-Gaurkee, PhD Student, Texas Christian University.
  205. Brian Hosmer, Professor and History Department Chair, Oklahoma State University.
  206. Cheyanne Lozano, Master’s Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at El Paso.
  207. Rhonda Blair, Professor of Theatre, Southern Methodist University.
  208. Katie Singer, Independent Scholar.
  209. Melissa Cummings, Professor of Musicology.
  210. Amanda Saylor, Adjunct Professor, Angelina College; Dual-Credit U.S. History teacher, Lufkin ISD.
  211. Jeremy Brett, Associate Librarian, Texas A & M University.
  212. Kent Hutchison. Member, East Texas Historical Association.
  213. Kyle Longley, Henry Salvatori Professor of American Values and Traditions and Director of the War, Diplomacy, and Society Program, Chapman University.
  214. Lynn Burlbaw, Professor (retired), Texas A & M University.
  215. Rebecca Elder, conservator in private practice.
  216. Bobby Skiles, Skiles Network Consulting.
  217. Ian Abbey, Assistant Professor of History, Prairie View A & M University.
  218. Jyotsna Vaid, Professor, Texas A & M University at College Station.
  219. Timothy Cashman, Associate Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio.
  220. William Hansard, PhD Graduate of University of Texas at Arlington.
  221. Gregory Kosc, Lecturer, Oklahoma State University.
  222. Jack Matthews, Professor, Cisco College (retired).
  223. Gwendolyn Lawe, Former President, East Texas Historical Association.
  224. Lauren Turek, Associate Professor of History, Trinity University.
  225. Alex Hidalgo, Associate Professor of History, Texas Christian University.
  226. Alex Branch, Professor of History, Lone Star College.
  227. Terri Davis, Associate Professor, Lamar University.
  228. Lourdes Pérez, Independent Scholar, Oral Historian, Composer, United States Artists Music Fellow.
  229. Enrique Dávila, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas at Austin.
  230. Patrick Maille, Texas Tech graduate PhD, 2005
  231. David Coffee, Professor and Chair, University of Tennessee at Martin.
  232. Julian Lim, Associate Professor, Arizona State University.
  233. Bernadette Pérez, Assistant Professor, University of California at Berkeley.
  234. Aaron Bae, Mesa Community College; Baylor University alum ’05.
  235. Ellen Fout, Independent Scholar. 
  236. Sandra Martinez, University of Texas at Austin.
  237. Kathleen McCook, Professor, University of South Florida, School of Information.
  238. Douglas Sackman, Distinguished Professor of History, University of Puget Sound.
  239. Byron Brown, Attorney at Law.
  240. Alexander Chaparro-Silva, PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin.
  241. Joshua Specht, Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame.
  242. Thomas Cox, Associate Professor, Sam Houston State University.
  243. John Weber, Associate Professor of History, Old Dominion University.
  244. Jaime Olivares, Professor of History, Houston Community College.
  245. Luke Harlow, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  246. David Conrad, University of Texas at Austin.
  247. Sarah Vegerano, PhD Candidate, Texas A & M University.
  248. Bradley Borougerdi, Assistant Professor, Tarrant County Community College.
  249. Mary Kelly.
  250. Pamela Temple.
  251. Chase Ables.
  252. Meredith May.
  253. Amanda Hill.
  254. Nati Román.
  255. Elizabeth Neucere.
  256. Elizabeth Boyd.
  257. Cheryl Coulthard.
  258. Amanda Tovar, University of Texas at Austin.
  259. Annie Hartnett.
  260. Jennifer Landry.
  261. Lucia Martinez.
  262. Elliott Sherrill.
  263. Kendra Camarena.
  264. Vickie Buenger.
  265. Steven Vince, MD.
  266. Jaclyn Owusu-Pierce.
  267. Allison Faber.
  268. Bradley Smith.
  269. Silvia Merjil-Fritz.
  270. Tara DeWeese.
  271. Katrina O’Keefe.
  272. Brandon Jett.
  273. Savanna Puterbaugh.
  274. Rebecca Montgomery.
  275. Joan Jenkins.
  276. Chay Runnels.
  277. Corinne Hidalgo.
  278. Peggy Hinkle.
  279. Gina Small.
  280. Judy Cox.
  281. Monica Talavera.
  282. Dennis Davis.
  283. Kendall Curlee.
  284. Cathy Milne-Ware.
  285. David Schilling.
  286. Bill Kasper.
  287. Julie Swift.
  288. Phillip Mitchell.
  289. C. Davis Buenger.
  290. J. Romig, native Texan.
  291. Vivian Basaldua.
  292. Bobbi Borich.
  293. John Gullett.
  294. Christine Weideman.
  295. Ellen Joseph.
  296. Rosa Maria Gallaghet.
  297. David Barrientos.
  298. Martha García.
  299. Sally Langston.
  300. David Allbright.
  301. Beverly Gavenda.
  302. Vivian Jones.
  303. Derin Dunlay.
  304. Sheryl Edwards.
  305. Jacob Girlinghouse.
  306. Cesar Hinojosa.
  307. Stephanie Niemeyer.
  308. M.L. Cave.
  309. Gary Wong.
  310. Veva Foster.
  311. Brion Gallaghet.
  312. Roxy Williamson.

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